The alien "Stoppi" arrived on Earth to observe humans.

They dress up as cute mascots sold all over the world, and then watch over their owners in various outfits. Look! it could be in your room....

Watching over my owner closely every day, I can no longer hold this feeling of wanting to see my owner smile! This emotion that wells up in me from the bottom of my heart...! I want to make my owner the happiest person in the world! my owner is my fav! I can't stop these feelings of mine!

Cheers you on with all its passion and enthusiasm, The nonstop mascot "Stoppi"

Which character would you like to be a favorite of?

A plush toy rabbit that sits in the room of a girl who loves music.
It also loves "singing" and "songs".
It is a bit haughty, tomboyish, and a bit bossy.
Its future dream is to become a popular streamer.
It is looking for a boyfriend.
It has a habit to say "Usa".(a minimized way to say "usagi" the japanese word for rabbit)
A plush toy Oni that is displayed in a sweets shop in the city.
It has a tough look, but is timid and gentle.
It loves to make sweets, and dreams of becoming the best patissier in the universe.
It has a habit of saying, "Gao"(a Japanese word for rawr).
A plush toy bear that is displayed in a house with a baby.
As a result of spending time mimicking the baby, it began to drool a lot.
It has a favorite blanket that he cannot let go of.
It is a quiet one and is often in trouble.
Its dream is to become a big rhinoceros beetle.
It often says "I can only bear so much"
A plush toy cat displayed in a graduate student's room.
It is a bit annoying about details, but kind.
It is good at computers and likes to think theoretically.
Its dream is to become a space scientist.
It has a habit of saying, "Theoretically speaking".
A plush toy chick that lives in a young girl's room.
A bit impatient and says "piyo-piyo" to various things.
Its future dream is to win the "Chicken Beauty Voice Contest".
It has a habit to say "piyo" (a Japanese word for "cheep cheep").

An illustrator who wants to spread cuteness around the world. She has been working in the world of NFT since 2021 and loves chicks so much that she draws only chicks.
There is this particular STOPPI that is also called "piyoko" within the collection.

They are a friendly company with a goal to "always be available for any kind of consultation for the development of NFTs" and they work hard every day to help companies use NFTs so that many more people can enjoy it.

Wonderful members of this project!
Helping us with advertising, planning, merch production, and management.
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